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Why buy in Tenerife rather than elsewhere?

If you are looking for a profitable property investment, a place to retire or a holiday destination, Tenerife has three major assets:

  • Climate: Known as the island of eternal spring, the weather in Tenerife is fine all year round, especially in the south of the island.

  • Ease of access: with two airports (in the north and south) and low cost flights from all over Europe, Tenerife is very easy to get to.

  • Quality of life: Tenerife offers a quality of life that is unique in the world. The cost of living is low and the climate is pleasant all year round.

Why choose Smart Property Tenerife?

To make your life easier and to help you through all the steps, we offer a personalised follow-up and support throughout the purchase process (see purchase support). We are also at your disposal to carry out the necessary research and find the property of your dreams on the basis of previously established criteria. You can send us your criteria directly by clicking here.

Through the various subsidiaries of our group (Smart Group Tenerife), we also offer a range of services to continue to accompany you long after the sale:

  • Rental management: our subsidiary Smart Holiday Tenerife is the second largest rental agency on the island, with more than 100 properties under rental management. Our rental management service allows you to rent out your property as a holiday rental to cover certain costs or simply to make your investment profitable. Discover our rental managementservice here.

  • Construction and renovation: you want to renovate your property? Do you want to paint or redecorate? Install a swimming pool? Change the bathrooms or simply install a new shower? Our Smart Construction Tenerife subsidiary will give you an estimate, take care of the work and monitor the site for you.

  • Excursions: Through our subsidiary Smart Excursions Tenerife, we also offer you the best deals to enjoy all the activities on the island. Quad biking, jet ski hire, paragliding, boat trips, etc. This is where Smart Excursions Tenerife comes in.

Can I receive my pension while living in Tenerife?

Yes, in some cases this can be quite advantageous from a tax point of view as you will pay your taxes in Tenerife.

I want to buy a property in Tenerife, how will you accompany me?

We make it a point of honour to accompany you throughout the entire process of buying your property in Tenerife. From the enquiry to the signing of the deeds in front of the notary, you can count on our advice, our network of experts and our presence to guide you, to open your eyes to the mistakes you should not make and to make the process easier. See buying assistance.

Should I take out my credit in Tenerife or in my home country?

The choice is yours. Just know that if you want to make your credit in Tenerife, we have privileged relationships with some banks that may facilitate your access to credit. We are also at your disposal to help you and guide you through the different steps

Is it safe to buy in Tenerife?

If you choose to work with Smart Property Tenerife, yes. In order for you to make a purchase with complete peace of mind, we will open your eyes to the mistakes you should not make and put you in touch with a law firm that will ensure that the property transaction is secure.

Do debts in Tenerife follow property or people?

This is very important information before buying a property in Tenerife. Here, all debts of the property (e.g. community fees, local taxes, mortgages) remain attached to the property. For this reason we will put you in touch with a law firm who will make sure that everything is in order before signing the deeds.

How long does it take to buy a property in Tenerife?

The time limits are usually between one and two months. However, Spanish law does not provide for a legal deadline. The time limit is therefore contractual and agreed between the parties.

What are the formalities to be completed before buying a property?
  • Ideally, you should first be represented by a law firm.

  • You must then obtain an EIN (alien identification number).

  • You will also need to open a bank account in Spain.

  • If you are married under the regime of separation of property, you will also have to translate your marriage contract.

Can I buy a property with the aim of letting it out afterwards?

Yes, Tenerife offers a very attractive rental yield (holiday rental). The cost of living, the easy access and the unique climate make it a very popular destination for holidaymakers all year round. With holiday rentals, you can rent out your property by reserving the period(s) of occupancy that interest you. Through our subsidiary Smart Holiday Tenerife, we also offer the possibility to happy owners to entrust us with the rental management of their property (ies) in Tenerife. Discover here the details of our "rental management" services.

What are the conditions and fees for the rental management service?

For information, you can contact us by e-mail at the following address:

What services are offered in rental management?

All the services offered in rental management are detailed here.